frequently asked questions

  • What Should I Wear to My First Class?

    For your first class, be prepared to train with your shoes off. You should bring a pair of flip-flops or slippers that can easily be removed. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that you are able to move easily in and sweat in!

    If you are trying our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, try to wear something more form fitting if you do not have a gi for your first day.

  • What Should I Bring to My First Class?
    • Water: You can bring a water bottle, which can be refilled at one of our newly installed water fountains. We stock water as a team, so take a look in the fridge if you are parched!
    • Mouth Guard: You can find mouth guards at many sporting good stores, and should always wear a mouth guard while training in Muay Thai or MMA. Youth with braces should always wear mouth guards.
    • Disciple MMA Academy provides lockers and showers, but does not provide locks. Be sure to bring your own locks, and remove the contents of your locker upon leaving each day.
    • Although Disciple MMA Academy provides showers, we do not have towels, so you may want to pack towels for showering and/or sweating.



  • What Should I Expect at My First Muay Thai Class?

    Interested in trying out our Muay Thai Program? No matter what your experience, fitness level, age or gender, Disciple MMA Academy has a Muay Thai Class to fit anyone at any level with proven results. Our coaches are ready to help you achieve your goals, whether in fitness, self-defense, weight control, or competition training (amateur and professional).

    Here is what our typical day of training looks like for our Muay Thai Program:

    1. Line up and “wai” in along with fight announcements and general academy news. This lineup includes all levels from beginners, veteran students, as well as the fight team. “Wai” refers to a traditional Thai greeting, which consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. Similarly demonstrated by the Indian namaste and Cambodian
    2. Warm up can include a jump rope exercise, running, or shadowboxing to name a few.
    3. Stretching will normally consist of a partner’s help.
    4. Technical drills where we separate advanced/fight team from beginners and go into technique drills until the end of the beginner session at 8:00pm.
    5. Starting at 8:00pm beginners can work out on punching bags and mitt work (with partners/available coaches). For the fight team this will be time specifically set aside for sparring. Beginner will be allowed to spar if given coach/Kru approval prior, but all gear listed below is required:
    • Hand wraps
    • Gloves
    • Shin guards
    • Mouthpiece
    • Cup

    Please note that sparring during Fight Team Sparring Time is a somewhat intense contact session. Veteran students and fight team members will adjust power and intensity for beginners.

    Again, beginners can only spar with coach/Kru approval.

    If you would like to try the sessions, please reach out using the contact information listed below.

    On your first day, we request that you arrive and be ready to go by 6:30pm (on Tuesday or Thursday) to review a few of the cultural things we do at the school; “Wai-ing” how to address Krus and coaches, expected conduct, etc.

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