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Women & Teen Self Defense Class




Disciple MMA Academy is pleased to announce the latest addition to our martial arts school: Women & Teen’s Self Defense class. Our class offers an unparalleled standard of tactics and techniques used by local law enforcement agencies. The class curriculum is comprised of statistics, situational awareness, combative techniques, long/mid/short range techniques, ground fighting, putting your opponent at a disadvantage and women’s self defense combatives.

Our coaches will ensure that you acquire the verbal tactics necessary to keep you safe when put in precarious or compromising situations. You will obtain the physical and verbal skills necessary to keep you safe should you find yourself in a situation of imminent violence or aggression. We encourage women of all ages to join us every Saturday morning at 9am! Sign up today for just $79/month! Call (703) 496-5975, Contact Us, or simply drop in on Saturday morning at 9AM! For a limited time, your FIRST TWO classes are FREE!

Hours for: December 17
6:00PM 9:00PM

Feel free to stop by and try a class, or inquire about current Disciple MMA class promotions!

"I came in for the open mat, it was awesome.”

Tristan Bonds

"Competitive gym, teaches respect, puts you to work. Work out is great even if you choose not to compete, instructors are great. Great gym to go to."

Brandon Barnes

“This is a great environment to train in."

Jesse Appleton

"Mahmoud found Disciple on his own, and I’m glad he did because this place is like a family. He’s very passionate about Muay Thai and I think even at 10 years old, he’s done a great job in choosing you.”

Mahmoud’s Father, Muhammad Beddawi

Tried the classes, really love the training, highly recommend Disciple MMA to anybody. Disciple has a great beginners class in Muay Thai with great instruction. Would like to continue upon my return from deployment.

Gary Beaver

Disciple MMA Academy offers Northern VA a great training environment! Our programs are taught by highly experienced instructors who make instruction easy and fun to learn, while still being challenging and exciting.

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